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Welcome on my website, where I share my passion with you. Here you can see my paintings, there are made with love&passion. Every painting is made with intention. I will be honored, if you will put one of them in your home or office and be open, for welcoming new energy with them. 


I love also Feng Shui principles and would love to share it with you for helping you to activate your personal success, health, relationship and wisdom direction.


If you are ready for deep journey within yourself I invite you to magical Quantum Healing Session, that will guide you to achieve the most amazing transformations that are available to you right now.

You will find here also singing bowl sounds, that can helps you to harmonize all your body.


You are welcome and feel good here:)


About me


I am mother, wife, sister, doughther, friend, entrepreneur, intuitive artist, quantum healer. I love playing crystal singing bowls, implementing principles of feng shui, dancing bachata and so much more.


I’m high sensitive human being, with so much understand and compassion. Helping and guiding is my deepest desire that I’m following right now. I',m helping people to find and connect with their own uniqueness and supporting them on their way.


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