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                          Paintings & Art Gallery

My paintings are made with Love&Passion. I'm working with high quality epoxy resin, natural stones, crystals, glitters. Every single painting is made with intention. I can create a unique painting dedicated especially for you, by using your personal colors of your success/health/relationships or wisdom direction. I will also let you know, where to hang the painting in your home, to support you the best.

"Your inner shine"

"Don't give up"

"The Core of beeing"


"Health Activation"


"Surrender to abundance"


"Above the rainbow"

"Love yourself"


"The Core of beeing"

"Dragon protection"

"Be grateful"


"Abundant Life"


"Power is inside of you"


"Diamond inspiration"


"Golden Islands"




"Sea waves"

All pictures of paintings on this website are protected by copyright and are the sole property of the author. It is forbidden to copy, reproduce, publish and/or modify the photos without the express consent of the author.

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