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"Joanna has such a kind, loving, safe, open, and shinning energy. It was such pleasure to receive a healing from her. She chose to do the BluePrint reset and it was truly amazing! I realize I need to practice a more disciplined meditation practice to expand this energy and have it more present in day to day life. Work in progress…. First she started out grounding me and I was really able to get into the feeling of being “connected”. My affirmation was “I am connected” and rally got me into things. She then went through my ages and created abstract shapes. I felt the chaos shifting. I imagined a yellow light and the chaos of patterns in my body almost intuitively before she guided me through. When she instructed me to bring the ball of light back down through my crown Chakra the light exploded in my body and my whole body was vibrating….I felt the patterns changing. I felt more clear; clear of all the chaotic patterns. I felt more integration and wholeness. We integrated with breath work which was amazing and I could really feel the expansiveness and clarity. She then guided me through a closing of the container. The whole experience was so amazing and beautiful. She also instructed me to drink a lot of water, which I loved that advice and to remember the feeling throughout the day and integrate the process. I really could visualize the chaotic patterns so to be directed to have an experience to clean up that kind of energetic patterning in essential to healing. I would love to work with her again…Such a great heart and gifted healer. Thank You!"            


"A few days ago I had a Quantum Healing session with Joanna. After she explained how things worked and tuned in into my energy we started working on healing the inner child. Joanna guided me through a beautiful visualization where I got to meet my 2yr old Self. Everything was out of this space and time. It was magical! Then the session was safely ended. After the session I had an amazing peaceful sleep. The next day was a bit emotional but now I am HAPPY about healing my 2yr old Self. Incredible work! Thank you Joanna!"


"My path to achieving life in harmony is still going on, but how Joanna  helped me is amazing. For some time I felt mentally ill. It's hard to call it because everything around me was going well, but my energy gets stuck. My soul was screaming that it needed something and I didn't know what it was. That's when Joanna appeared on my way and I told her what was happening to me. It's no coincidence that we met and talked then. Joanna suggested cleansing sessions. I agreed, and after that, magic began to happen. I felt quite different & lighter. We did a few more sessions after that, and then she helped me figure out my feng shui directions. I followed Joanna's advice and after a few weeks I couldn't believe what roads opened up for me. It was amazing. After activating my directions, I finally stepped out of my comfort zone that I had never dared to leave before. I am reaching now for what was unattainable at the beginning of this year for me. And I know that  Joanna did so much for me and my soul. I highly recommend sessions with her, because she is a person, who will be 100% committed to help."


“Joanna is an amazing extraordinary channel. Our sessions together has been amazing, so loving and nourishing. Her way of translating the vibration and frequency it’s so beautiful and magical. I feel so safe and can open myself with ease and allow whatever wants to come forward to show up for the highest good. I easily surrounded to the trust and the wisdom within in this beautiful co-creation. I highly recommend Joanna in all ways especially for a deep dive, for a shift in all areas of your life! Thank you dearest Joanna for all the love , support and the blessings that fills up the space every time we get to co-create together! Lots of love "

                                                         ~Divinity ~

“Hi. I have such a short summary after our session, I wanted to wait at least this week to notice the changes. And in my opinion they have happened - I feel calmer, more reconciled with myself, with who I am and that it’s good for me. I don't get involved with something I can’t change, and the things I can change, I change. The decisive thing that influences this is looking within myself and not outside. I don't focus on how others will perceive me - as it was before - I focus inside on what I want to be. And I've noticed that as long as it matters and I can influence it, it has dramatically changed the period of time I can make a change. As soon as I realize that others don’t have to influence me, only I decide how others can affect me, it happens literally in the moment. And at the same time comes peace of mind – something that I was looking for so long. This raise my sense of worth, that I am enough, that I can do a lot, change myself, I can do anything I want. Thank you very much for this and I am glad that we could meet 💜💛"


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